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performance-level adjustability

after thinking about it for a while on how the "scale"-option is tied to a "voice" –
IMHO, it would make the EssenceFM far more flexible, if the "scale"-option would
adress to a "voice" through/on the "performance"-level.

Alternatively, as a "scale" for each "voice" is still a great feature,
an additional "scale"-override on the performance-level would be even more useful.

If you see the meaning of it, I´d highly appreciate your comment on this, thanks....

Yes that would be quite useful. I suspect it wouldn't be easy to implement though, since the performance has to go all the way down to the voice where it is handled (Performance => Patch => Voice)

I'll add that to the list of possible features, for a future firmware. Thanks for the suggestion!
highly appreciated!
JFYI.. out of experience what I will do is -
using one "performance" for more than only one song, whilst I'm composing music mostly in 12-tet and 19-tet (both 31-limit-scales at least though...).
IF having the ability to retune a voice on the level of "performance", it will indeed bring both - new aspects in music-making and comfort, editing.
Thinking toward that,
tweaking an established, performance from 12-tet to somewhat else tuning frame will be easy.
As it is now -
such a task will need deep-editing on every voice by loosing it for other performances/songs.
It will need a copy of each voice, management and re-arranging patches and... after all, menu-dive-editing will be the main task instead of joy of comfortable music making. Further design of one voice (for 12-tet e.g.) wouldn't affect the other (for 19-tet or anything else)... etc.