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Understanding the OS-structure

Something the manual wasn't able to make me understand :

I have this beautiful presets of patches and voices coming with the Essence FM, now -
when editing them, the preset as it came with the synth are gone, right? In that case, I was looking for an option to 'save to new slot' or 'duplicate to slot' at least... or do I miss understand something there?
Thank you very much for clarifying that to me!
The procedure is described here: tutorial

Basically if you modified a patch you want to save to another location, don't press Save on it : copy it and save it to the new location, and press Recall on the original.

You can also create copies of voices/patches before editing them.

If you lost some patches you want to get back let me know which ones, I'll provide you the files to restore them.
Thank you very much for that.
Sometimes you don't get the most obvious ;D