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DX7 voice import.


I can't import files SysEx DX7 in my EFM.
My key USB is recognized, when I select voice import and load Sysex files I can't find it.
thanks for your help!.

Sysex come from:
By looking at your picture, I think you're trying to open the hidden files you Apple computer put into the drive. They start with a dot ".", so they are probably normally hidden and are just here for your operating system to remember about some file properties. That's always an issue when Apple drives are read by other devices, stand alone devices or Windows computers don't understand them.

The real files are probably inside the folders 80's and Atari. Press on these folders to see what's inside.
Really I don't understand why, it possible to send me SysEx DX7 compatible EFM please?
The files on this website should be compatible. Open the folders on your USB drive and try with the real SYX files (do not open files with name starting with a dot like on your picture)
yes problem solved, I don't know why when I import the files in my key USB there is ._ SYX files and SYX files without ._

thanks you!