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3 or more modulators playing incorrectly on setup


this is a bit strange, and is also very frustrating when programming or when jamming live in voice mode.

i've enclosed a simple voice to show this setup, a basic all sine with volumes set to 127 and no velocity or modulation. i first noticed it when scrolling through the algorithm list where it would sometimes play the correct timbre and sometimes not for some algs. what appears to be happening is when 3 or more modulators are setup into a single carrier it will play the wrong timbre initially, either if the note is already sounding or sometimes on first note trigger.

i've tried this with scrolling thru the list and it has this bug when selecting algs 11, 12, 15, 16 and 17. the same bug happens when freely programming with the touch screen. so when keeping the note held down i can pull out an operator from a 3 modulator into 1 carrier setup, and set it down as one separate carrier, and then if i return it back as a modulator in the original stack it plays the wrong timbre until i retrigger a note.

it is easiest to spot by loading up the patch, hold down middle c and scrolling from alg 0 to 11. then let go of the note and replay it, and the timbre is now different to what originally appeared if you had the note held down. needless to say that when scrolling through algorithms or when freely assigning the algorithm, this inconsistent behaviour means that i never know whether i'm hearing my program correctly unless i retrigger a note.. this is quite problematic for programming / live / improvised type activities.

Thanks for reporting. Changing the algorithm without retriggering notes was never meant to be done really. We're not sure if the best choice is to try updating every note with the new algo (which will create a lot of harsh, non musical changes), or don't update any currently playing notes (this should be more musical for a live use)
it works fine for other algorithms and i would much prefer that the change in algorithm will update a playing note. this is how it works on other fm synths, and the dx7ii even allows for it to be modulated via the midi control slider in realtime.

i just tested the arturia dx7 & that will update with a note held down. dexed also can do this with the note held down, and in dexed the algorithm is mappable in realtime from a midi cc. same with the preenfm. 

as you have algorithm as a modulation destination it would be much more preferable to have it update in realtime. being able to hear the change immediately without retriggering is extremely valuable both for programming sounds [especially pads or drones] as well as for live/studio jamming. 
Fixed in the upcoming 6.3 version 😉
@Kodamo Just wondering if there is any update on an ETA on 6.3? Thank you! 🙂