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Hi to all, will be on Kodamo EssenceFM synth, real samples? Like Strings, Horns, Piano, Drums etc. Like Omnisphere or like MODX?
No the EssenceFM is based only on synthesis (FM, Additive, Subtractive).
Some pretty realistic strings, drums, brass, organs and other acoustic sounds are part of the factory presets.
Realistic pianos and cymbals are probably the hardest to make using FM although not impossible.
Orchestral MIDI
This is the kind of orchestral sounds you can expect from the EssenceFM. These can be probably improved further, this is a MIDI file played back using the built-in General MIDI instrument set.
Thanks Kodamo for the reply. I was really hoping that should be realizable. Well, it is a FM synth and I should go for it!
Btw, I am a long time a D.Bowie's musician. You can check me on: Btw, I am very happy with your synth!
There are great sounds etc. Especially 300 polyphonies and on the Performance, you can use every Midi channel.