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Convert Yamaha operator output to EFM Volume

I'm trying to convert some of my Yamaha TX81Z patches to the EssenceFM, to see if I can live without it, and just keep the EssenceFM.
Is there some kind of conversion table/chart available that maps yamaha FM operator output levels to EssenceFM operator volume levels, and preferably feedback levels too? Currently doing it by ear, but that is a bit hit and miss.
Since it can read DX7 patches, the data must be available for that one I would think? That could be a good starting point, because I think I've seen articles comparing DX to TX parameters before.
Thanks in advance!
DX7 volumes are more exponential than on the EssenceFM, the middle value of the DX7 (50/99) will be very quiet compared to the middle value of the EssenceFM (64/127).

Green looks like the DX7, blue is more like the EssenceFM (this is just a random pic to illustrate the difference, not actual values)

In the DX7 import system we guessed the values by ear using a formula. It's a bit tricky, since volumes also need to be scaled depending on Velocity Sensitivity.
Best may be to find a way to convert TX81Z patches to DX7, then import them on the EssenceFM, or do everything by ear.
Thanks for the information. This is in line with my findings.
I'll continue doing it by ear then. Apparently, the higher output levels of the 4-OP machines cannot replicated by the 6-OP DX7, in addition to the additional waveforms it has.