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LFO -> Filter Cut

I tried setting up LFO to sweep filter cutoff but then any settings in Filter Envelope gets overiden, is this a limitation or a bug of some sort ?

Did it with an OP1 with feedback 6 (to make it sound SAW'ish)

Also odd is that when LFO slope is moving downward i can hear the filter gives off a little click regardless of Filter Envelope settings.

ModMatrix was LFO -> Flt Cutoff with Offset 33 and Ratio 50%, LFO is Triangle and speed 8 and Common.
To change the filter cutoff while preserving its envelope you need to choose "Flt Cutoff(env)" in the modulation matrix, instead of "Flt Cutoff"

I haven't been able to reproduce your clicking problem, could you record it ? Depending on many settings, with a slow LFO, you may notice steps since the modulation matrix works with 0...127 values to be easily compatible with MIDI
What i'm trying to do is make a plucky filter envelope setting where the filter envelope is maintained as it is while the LFO moves the filter up and down.
So my logic told me to setup the filter envelope pluck thingy and then use LFO->Flt Cutoff.
What happens is that LFO moves the filter up and down BUT the filter envelope settings are not heard anymore.
IF i use LFO->Flt Cutoff(env) then the filter envelope is heard but not maintained instead its expanded and closed. (This makes sense)

What i'm saying is that LFO->Cutoff overrides any filter envelope settings you got, and i find that a bit weird ;)