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Oxi One sequencing EssenceFM

Hereโ€™s my first complete track with the new Oxi One sequencer sequencing the EssenceFM.
Drums and synth tracks are going through Elektron Octatrack for effects.
All sounds come from the EssenceFM - most of them youโ€™ll find in my recent soundbank available here.

I can very much recommend the Oxi One - it is fantastic with the EssenceFM!

Really enjoyed this. ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿ˜„
Nice track!
I'm actually looking to get a sequencer to pair with the EFM. Have you looked at the new Squarp Hapax? I'm basically between the Oxi and Hapax at this point...
What I find very weird is that no review or walkthrough video about either of those is showing how to use the sequencer other than in step mode or by playing the pads but rather record patterns using a MIDI keyboard. For me, this would still be the fastest way to record live.

I'm cusrious if you looked at Hapax and what you thought? And, as far as the OXI, how will it behave when recording onto it using a keyboard.

Hi Eitan
Didn't see your reply until now.
I did check Hapax when it was released but since I already own Oxi One and is happy with it and Hapax being much bigger and heavier I had no reason to switch. Oxi One does plenty of what I want.