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DX7 (TX802) dumps


it seems its NOT possible to dump TX802 single sounds (I dumped from DX7 to TX802 in earlier years) to the ESSENCEFM ? midi led is active but nothing happens
I transfered from TX802 to yamaha FS1r, this is working...
EssenceFM is FM but not a DX FM Clone.
So you wont be able to do a 1:1 copy of a DX patch on EssenceFM.
Many parameter values are different from DX, like DX operates with values 0-99 whereas EssenceFM uses 0-127.
EssenceFM parameters got longer range than DX.

Ex. The sound you get from a DX chained OP1+OP2 at 99 Vol on OP2 will be like 80 on the EssenceFM.

I suggest get the Free Dexed VST and look up how patches are made and then try re-create them in EssenceFM.

I think within a few months most used DX patches will have been re-created on EssenceFM by users.

What's important is that many DX users forget that ALL the DX patches out there are mostly variants of the same 100-200 base patches.
We just gotta nail those base patches and THEN the experiments can begin :)
thanks ! Good idea.....I don´t want to waste to much time in transformation old sounds....;-)
I was wrong....its possible to dump from TX802 to the ESSENCEFM !!
Ahhh thats great news but try compare the dumped material with the stuff in TX802 :)
yes, you are right.....its only to get some most cases its make no sense