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DX7 import?

How do you import DX7 sysex?

ps Congratulations for launching this new FM synth, wishing you all the best luck with it for all your hard work!
Just send the sysex when you are inside a Voice, the EssenceFM will overwrite it with the received sysex.

Currently, only single-voice DX7 sysexes are supported (each file size should be 163 Bytes -- you can check you have the right format)
ah great.
I didn't have any single voices stored anywhere but I found this great page for this task, just drag and drop a DX7 bank and will display all the presets in that bank, then just click to send...oh I can't include the link on this forum, search for Retrokits.
The import is not very accurate is it?
I think this is more the process than the Essence engine?
After extensive tweaking I can get the sounds a lot closer..any plans to improve the import accuracy?

Don't get me wrong I'm totally up for exploring new sounds on the Essence but I love the interface so much more than any Yamaha u.i. so would like to combine my existing patch library with new creations unique to this machine..still amazed having all this polyphony!
We're working on the support of full DX7 banks (32-voice) import via USB, it will make your life much easier without having to transmit each voice one by one.

On the accuracy however, I doubt it will get much better. Algorithms, volumes and frequencies are correctly imported, but everything related to envelopes, LFO, feedback or key scaling requires manual rework (it's due to major sound engine differences).
I hope it will at least help you saving time recreating your sounds on the EssenceFM
Can I send Sysex Messages from my iPad Pro VIA USB Type B to the EssenceFM?
I am tempted to try this, but I thought I would ask first.

In the manual it says standard Midi Messages. I am not sure if that includes the SYSEX that I would attempt to send from KQ Dixie VST.
It should work with any single-voice dump if your VST uses the original DX7 format
I'm not finding the frequencies being imported correctly btw, sometimes they are, sometimes not.
Great to load a bank at a time, big plus!
Unfortunately the accuracy of the import is very low, maybe 10% of the original, occasionally you find one that sort of resembles the original, still it's a bit better than nothing!
Yes please excuse the crudity of this import. That's more like a fun feature we added late in the development stage, we may work again on this although it takes exponentialy more time to improve.

In its current state it may give you new sound ideas after the unfortunate "transformation" !