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Perf-lvl tuning, and to make modmatrix speedier

Colin Muir Dorward
1) Don't we need a performance-level tuning override?

2) When I select a blank modmatrix slot, define the source, then click OK, shouldn't it jump directly to the mod destination page?

1) I guess that'd be practical for me in the case of using the Perf mode for MPE playing, but having same or different patches in each slot for routing to different effects/outputs... it would also be nice to be able to assign the same patch to all slots.

2) Yes, this can slow down the editing process considerably. However, I can also see the benefits of this, because I sometimes just change the source without touching the destination. Perhaps the best solution to this is to have it as an option or maybe a long press on "OK" to jump to destination page.
it would also be nice to be able to assign the same patch to all slots

This is already possible, by doing a long press on the patch name (on the main Performance page). You'll be asked if you want to assign the patch to all parts, or load the patch effects into the performance 😉

Performance-level tuning override could be interesting.
Showing the mod destination automatically could save a button press but it's also confusing since you'll have to understand when it shows up or not (it would show up only when Destination is empty)