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operater group edit

It would be a big advantage if you could assign operators to a group for editing, I used to have this function in a caged artist editor for the ST for the TX81z and it made a HUGE difference..especially programming the envelopes.

I know you can do a similar thing using the programmable knob function but it does take a long time to setup and its for performance not editing.

btw I love the round robin function, very good, so much you can do with this.
For quick envelope editing, aren't the Copy/Paste keys good enough in most situations ?
You can focus the envelope and press Copy, then press Paste on the other operators (re-focusing the envelope isn't even needed so you can paste to all operators in two seconds)

The copy paste functions are excellent when you know what you want to do, I really like them but a group function would allow you to audition the changing of multiple operators in real time, to hear the effect immediately and most importantly would be relative to the existing values, I think if such a function were implemented an option to keep relative values or not would be most advantageous.