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Modulation range

Hi all,

As a long time user of FM based instruments i made the following observation:

The Modulation range is rather limited, let me give you an example:

I set VolEG to decay over 1 sec, then i go to ModMatrix and set source as NoteNum and Destination as OP1EG Speed. Ratio is 200%

Doing this will have key C1 play the VolEG at 1 sec and the key C6 play the VolEG at 0.5 sec, thats hardly a difference over that long keyspan.

I had hoped that i could make C1 play 1 sec and C6 play at least 0.1 sec with that long keyspan.

When i try to use Vel Sensitivity on the MOD page its a similar problem, the Velocity range affecting an OP is kinda limited.

These observation were made when i tried to re-create 2 famous DX patches:
Bass Solid and Full Tines.

For reference i used Yamaha TX802 and Natives FM8

Would it be possible to have a switch on the ModMatrix page for like Ratio x10 or will that create some outer bound problems ?

I suggest you also use the Offset parameter with a negative value.
By doing that I was able to get a much bigger difference in envelope durations: C2=4sec, C7=0.1sec (approximately)

Ok i will try to do as you suggest, thanks for a quick reply :)
Update: we will increase the Ratio parameter range in a firmware update to give you more freedom with the modulation matrix!
Great news :)