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DX100 frequency ratios decoded

open source repo of my decode + re-layout of these classic inharmonic FM ratios as featured in the DX100 manual.

includes super-tiny python code to generate extra tables=>
Very cool, if only we could have an option to program the Essence with these ratios.

Be UBER cool if there were some option tabs or a pull down menu in the operator multiplier page that would allow different methods of defining the frequencies of operators, as I think they are all useful in their own way including the current method.
So options to program like a DX7, DX100 preset frequencies, DK synergy and any other methods that can be thought up, they all lead one in different directions, any chance of this happening?
Thanks Dave !
+1 for extra options on the ratios. having those preset coarse/fine type settings would be great!

it would also be great to have a readout of the ratio too please.
Defining the ratio by .01 increments should be possible.

DX100 presets have been chosen to have very few common multiples with integer numbers, to be as much on the inharmonic side as possible, hence the use of PI to generate them. They're not precise since it's only .01 resolution. We don't think it's needed to add them, selecting a preset is slower than just finding the frequency with knobs.
just want to say thanks for posting the irrational 'cheat sheet'.

I agree- would really love it if the essence showed an 'irrational' approximation when one hits irrational territory via the 'quartertone'/'fine' tunings.

listening to this too-- enjoying it!!