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Edit Waveforms using harmonics/partials

I think it would be cool if we could edit a waveform using harmonics/partials columns only like with additive synthesis.

Since FM will freak out with to many high harmonics/partials i suggest a page where you max got the first 16 or 32 harmonics as volume columns.
This would greatly help making bell'ish waveforms but making Saw and Squares would also benefit from it.
A Saw would be produced by drawing a downhill slope with the harmonics/partials.
A Square would be produced by drawing a downhill slope with the harmonics/partials but having every second harmonic/partials set to 0.
Kinda like drawbars on an organ.
Totally agree!
It would make the process easier than adding the harmonics one by one.
It won't be in the next firmware since we're finalizing it, but we'll think about that for a future release.
Also when auditioning waveforms from USB, it would save so much time if when you selected the waveform in the folder, you could hear it immediately, as it is now you have to press OK, then press load and OK again to audition sounds in the folder.
Looking forward to see an update on that in the future! ;D