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Essence Flight Patches

Failed Muso

I was re-watching the exquisitely beautiful Essence Flight demo and wanted to find the patches used in it but I am struggling to find them on my EssenceFM Mk.II. Were these from other, older banks or 3rd party banks?

Any help appreciated :-)


They're mostly custom patches, using a mix of already existing voices and a few new ones. I exported them for you in the attached file ;)
Failed Muso
Thank you so much!!! :-)
Failed Muso
Sorry to be a pain... about a minute into the video, it mentions a patch called Sparkle Bells that doesn't appear in the sounds you sent. There are two patches that sound similar, namely Celesta Dly and Reflections. Are these the same as Sparkle Bells, or is that a different patch?
Yes it's called Reflections in the export. In the song, it's played at the same time with Additive Chimes which is at a lower volume and one octave lower.

Then at 1:35, it's Celesta Dly + Glass Organ Loop

You can by the way combine them into a single patch if you want to play them easily on the keyboard
Failed Muso
Thank you again! I'm loving these patches :-)