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Display contrast

I have moved my EssenceFM into a rack and my view angle is roughly 20 degree downward towards it and i have trouble reading layout. Is there any chance of adding a contrast feature or anything to the display so its visible from more angles ?
Did you tried different color themes ? Some of them may give you a better contrast
Yep tried all colors, none of them helped, its the viewing angle that kinda darkens menu's. Try have the unit stand like in a rack, sit in a chair and reach the display from an arms length. Then try move up and down in that chair to get different viewing angles. Menu's and background almost turn black but the top menus is still visible.
Agree, this is challenging. Brightness and themes alone doesn’t quite cut it. I use a lot of different things to tilt unit to best working/viewing angle.

Is this a limitation of the screen used or is there a potential this could be addressed via software control in the future? Thanks.
It's probably fixable via software, we need to check how the colors looks like when viewed from that angle and apply some sort of compensation.
Ok so the screen has pretty bad angles only on that direction. I added a feature increasing the brightness in a non-linear way to compensate:



It'll be included in the upcoming firmware update
Great :) Looking forward to also try that new feature :)