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Post Brexit affects on Pre-Orders

Failed Muso

Because a bunch of misguided people decided to vote for Brexit here in the U.K., buying goods from the EU into the U.K. has become fraught with financial perils.

I was just wondering what Kodamo’s plans are when shipping the pre-ordered EssenceFM Mk.II’s out in February, particularly around sales tax.

I thought I’d ask here in case there were other U.K. pre-orderers who were wondering the same.

Thanks in advance! ?

We'll write that all taxes already have been paid on the slip, but we can't make guarantees on how that will be handled by customs
Failed Muso
Thank you for that clarification. Either way, I am certain it will be worth every penny! ?

How are things looking in terms of delivery dates? Anything specific yet?

Thanks again!
You're welcome!
There are supply delays on some parts, but estimated date is left unchanged since we planned everything taking that into account.
Any unexpected delays will be communicated, for now you can expect to get it on February.