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Soon-to-be EssenceFM Mk.II Owner!

Failed Muso
Hi everyone, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Having watched Kodamo's journey so far, and being a huge fan, user and advocate of FM synthesis, I've been deeply interested in the EssenceFM for some time and finally pulled the trigger on the Mk.II pre-order a few weeks ago. I'm now sat here like an expectant father and cannot wait to dive into it.

I fully intend to do a bunch of content featuring it once it arrives, on my blog, on a weekly YouTube synth show that I host (Pro Synth Network) and I also hope to be doing a full written review for a global music tech magazine too!

The EssenceFM will join numerous other FM luminaries that I have here, such as the FS1R, DX5, DX7-IIFD, TX7, TX81Z, CE25 and SY22. I am sure that I will also be turning up on here during my initial weeks with the synth, so I thank you in advance for any help and assistance you experienced users can give.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me and I hope you're all having a great Xmas/holiday season and wish you all a happy, healthy and musical New Year!



P.S. I recently created an arrangement of a Xmas classic using nothing but FM synths. I hope you enjoy!

merci jolie song bonne fm