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Essencefm mk II support stands/rack ears

*sigh* so the Essencefm was sold out on this site, I searched high and low and managed to get one second hand, and just a week or two later the mk II was announced for preorder...

Will you be selling the angular side supports separately? Or maybe provide a source for something that works for this? I really want mind to sit on my desk at an angle. I tried looking around for something that would work, but didn’t see anything that seemed quite right for it. I’m not used to working with rack units, so I guess it’s also possible that this is something commonly available that I don’t know how to look for properly.
The EssenceFM V1 can sit at an angle using the included brackets:

Does that fit your needs?
Depending on the unit you have, there are 2 or 3 different bracket sizes included.
I see. Second hand purchase, I guess I didn’t actually get those...
Any way to obtain a set separately?
Best would be to check with the seller. We can make new ones for cheap.
We can also provide the plans for anyone to make them, they're just rectangles with two holes and standard M3 screws.
Please write to for more info

I am not using mine (EFM is rack mounted), so if you want I am ok to send a set to you!
Actually I have 3 sets : long wooden, long thin and short thin...
You can put the Essence on a Lavolta laptop stand, very adjustable and all the connections are on the top so it sits flat, works great for me but I will be putting it in a rack at some point.