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Free running op phase

Hey there, I reached out earlier via email but I thought I'd make the feature suggestion here too to see what other users think of it.

In the same way that the LFO gives us the choice between resetting phase on key press (the default) we also have random (plays from random point in the waveform) and we have common (the lfo runs free)

It'd be really great to have this common option in regards to our operator phase for various different uses.

It'd allow us to properly use free operators as an LFO

When doing wave shaping using a 0hz operator, we can get rhythmic timbral shifts with the phase running free rather than resetting on each note.

FM for me is so much about texture and I don't think we're able to fully take advantage of the way textures can evolve within FM without the the op's running free like if we have two ops detuned modulating a carrier, it'd be nice to be able to hear the way the timbre evolves as the phase of these two operators move in and out of sync with each other.
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