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High pass filter at voice level

Would be great for certain drum sounds and layering stacks?
Filters are quite heavy on the processing - I can't guarantee we'll add them.

Depending on the sound, maybe you could try some phase cancellation between operators to remove the low frequencies and act like a cheap high-pass filter ? (that's just an idea, I haven't actually tried it)
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Found another way to fake a high pass filter, by creating two duplicated voices :
- 1st one is your voice, it shouldn't use the filter
- 2nd has a lowpass filter and its waveforms inverted (can be simply offset=63 for symmetrical waveforms)

By playing both voices at the same time, the low ends cancel each other, leaving only highs
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First of all, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of hardware I’ve purchased in a long time. The quality of the assembly is delightful and well thought out and the form factor is perfect. The sounds are also absolutely amazing. I have a preen fm2 and digitone, and this is definitely making those mostly redundant.

I wanted to post my praise here to also vote for a selectable filter type. The way you’ve implemented the lp is awesome. Allowing for high pass or band pass *instead on a particular voice would open up so many possibilities. The latest preen firmware went a *little nuts with filter options, but just allowing selection of hp or bp for now until you magically figure out how to allow a giant filter bank, would be awesome. The method you describe is great workaround.

Even if you never do, this is an amazing instrument. Can’t wait to really master it!