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Saxophone-patch call for sound-designers

Lastly, Javelin276 achieved to create a formidable bar-piano-synthesis (sry, IMHO I call it that way)!

I realized, all saxophone-sounds are somewhat weak AND I'm not good enough to creage one gutsy Bass-Saxophone NOR Baritone-Sax...
So, if you talented guys would try that?
I would definitely be in need of such ;p
Hmmm. I've done a Baritone Sax before that sounded pretty good on my FS1R. I'll take a look at the patch to see if it's possible to port it over, it depends on what wave forms I used. The Alto and Tenor Sax's are the really hard ones to get right. I still don't have a very good Alto or Tenor Sax. The Saxophone is particularly difficult to match, they all have such interesting personalities. Every one is different.
How right you are!
Anyway, the EFM offers some nifty ways when it comes to patching together voices - especially good for, additively though, spreading percussive sounds (tinny sounding fractions, etc) unevenly over the supposed pitch range.