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How to import/export sounds

- Upgrade your EssenceFM with the latest firmware:

- Go into Global > Storage > Export
- Press "Add Item to Pack" then select the item you want to export. Repeat if you want to export several items
- In most cases you want to leave the checkbox "Add child items" checked. When checked, it will export associated items: a performance uses patches, a patch uses voices, a voice uses waveforms.
- Press "Save Pack to USB" to finish the export

- Go into Global > Storage > Import
- Select the preferred default banks for import, eg. if you choose bank K, items will be imported into bank K then L, M, N... Slots that are already occuped are skipped, so leaving bank A as default won't overwrite any of your sounds.
- Press "Open file" then select the file to import
- The file contents will be displayed. For each item the EssenceFM assigns a slot to import into, you can manually change it by pressing "Change Dest"

- Press "Load Everything" to do the import

Note: imported elements aren't saved! If you want to keep them, go into the corresponding modes (patch, voice, waveforms etc.) then press Save.
Note: grayed items are waveforms that you already own. They won't be imported. That duplicate-check is only done for waveforms, not for any other item types