how to 'save as' a voice

Nelson Baboon
I'm embarrassed to even ask this. I'm finding some simple stuff to be hard to find in the manual...i expect i'll figure this out as soon i post this, but - i'm trying to take a voice, edit it a bit, and then save it to another voice location. but as soon as i hit save, it just saves it to the same location. There is no option to move it to another one. I'm just not finding this. It should be obvious?
I agree that a “Save as” option would be nice.

The current solution is listed in the tips and tricks:
Nelson Baboon
figured it was something like that. but in my ignorance it seems to me that since the voice/patch isn't saved until you save it, that there is probably a way of simply saving to another location. Then again, i tried to copy/paste, but i must have screwed it up.
One up here!

(I also addressed this once in my posts)
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