Hello everyone, it would be nice if you could implement a morphing function of between two or more voices or paths in such a way as to simulate wavetables more or less, let's say crossfades, I hope for a next upgrade.
I really appreciate the openness to dialogue, and Essence fm is wonderful ... thanks for the other previous answers.
Actually, given the nice touchscreen, it would be great to get a new xy performance page where four patches could be loaded into the corners and then dragging around the screen morphs between them. Even better if you could save the current morph position as a new voice.
Looking at the Mod Matrix, there is a volume destination for each layer in a patch, so you could map one voice (+) and the other one (-) to a knob. The knob could then fade back and forth between two voices. I need to test that out.

The 4-voice X-Y map sounds a bit like Smart-Morph on the Montage/MODX. I just played with that last week on my Montage. Cool feature!
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OK, I figured out how to fade between two voices in a Performance (not the Patch level).

At the Patch Level, Tab1, set one Voice to a Volume of 127, the other to 0.

Inside each voice, go to the ModMatrix tab.
Set one Voice to Source: ControlChange16/Knob1, Dest: Global/Volume, Offset: 127, Ratio: -100%
Set the other Voice to: ControlChange16/Knob1, Dest: Global/Volume, Offset: 0, Ratio: 100%

Oh, and you have to be on the front PERF page or the knob doesn't work correctly.
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Sure, but crossfading between voices isn’t the same thing as a morph, in which every individual parameter interpolates between them.
KODAMO Programming Suggestion:
Can you guys make the Knobs work for ModMatrix input when we're on the Global/Monitor page? They aren't used for editing on that page, and it would look better on my videos for YouTube if I didn't have to switch back and forth (between Perf & Global) when I want use the knobs.

deastman: Morphing is an entirely different animal, very difficult to pull off smoothly. The biggest complication is the Algorithms, switching from one to another causes a glitch in the sound you can't get rid of. SmartMorph on my Montage is a prime example. It can't go smoothly from one patch to another, even though it tries.
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Yes, interpolation between algorithms would result in a discontinuity at the halfway point. I don’t see that as a problem, but simply a fact of life when morphing between voices with different algorithms. That has never stopped anyone in the past from implementing patch morphing for the DX7, and the results are still highly useful.