randomize and mod matrix

Nelson Baboon
I understand why the modulations would be wiped out when one randomizes, but after setting up potentially quite a few modulations, I find this choice to be pretty disruptive. I have one current synth which actually includes the mod matrix in the randomization, and you can in fact choose to only randomize the mod matrix. While sometimes this can produce lousy results, I think that a robust implementation of randomization allows the user to 'achieve' lousy results, but also provide some means of constraining this (a % randomization feature, for instance, but this would be hard to implement, I guess, when rearranging the operators in the algorithm).

I guess what I think would be better, and in the spirit of experimenting with randomization, is some way of preserving the modulations at the very least. If this proves to be problematic in testing (too often leads to bad results) maybe some way of muting them, so that they'd have to be turned on. But (and this is just my experience), I don't want to have to write down all of the modulations plus their offset and multiplier so that I can reconstitute them.
That make sense. I think we will get rid of that behavior and preserve the matrix. Thanks for the feedback!

The randomize function will also have several options to enable randomization for different aspects of the sound (algorithm, envelopes, frequencies and levels)
Nelson Baboon
sounds perfect! I really appreciate your open attitude towards suggestions.
I agree. I would like to see the current randomize button take you to a new screen with controls to randomize all, or only specific aspects of a voice- only waves, algorithms, mod matrix, envelopes, etc.

Another common alternative to randomization on a few classic DX7 editors was the ability to choose two patches and morph between them to create a new patch (voice in your terminology). Perhaps something like that could be a candidate for a future addition?