Acoustic Guitar Patch Demo Video

Hi Guys! I've posted a patch demo on the Essence on my YouTube channel.
I couldn't find any really good realistic Acoustic Guitar patches in any of the DX7 patch databases, so I programmed one on the Essence. It uses one voice (6-operators) and sounds really good now. Let me know what you think!
Headphones help, just saying.
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Pretty nice patch!
Maybe you could add some attack noise depending on velocity, also you could make the string sound slightly delayed after the "pluck" sound; that delay could be randomized with the mod matrix (RNG => duration of 1st segment of volume envelope) to give a more human feeling.
You could also design some fret noise sounds that can be triggered by playing notes outside of the normal guitar range.

Just some ideas :)
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Thanks! There is a string attack that is velocity sensitive, it just doesn't come out in the piece I selected.
I haven't tried any sound effect noises yet, like a pluck sound, or a fret slide sound. I'll get to that eventually, and the RNG suggestion sounds great! Thanks.