External Monitor?

Hi Guys, I have no idea what it would take to do this but...
My Yamaha Montage has a Linux Driver in it for an external USB Monitor (they don't advertise this feature, but it's there). I can feed the USB output to a "Plugable USB 2.0 Display Adapter" then to a USB video capture device and display the Montage screen on my computer screen. I can then Record the window to create training videos on how to program the synth.
The Montage also displays a white highlight on the screen on the location you press, so you can see on the video where the user is pressing on the touch screen.

I don't know what OS you used in the Essence, but I'm guessing it's similar.
Is this a feature you would even entertain adding? I'm just asking.

Yamaha uses this feature at trade show booths during demonstrations. The external monitor is big and up high so everyone can see what they're demonstrating. The highlight shows where the person is pressing to the crowd.
That's a feature we thought about in the early development stages, but it was discarded since quite hard to implement.
The EssenceFM is not really similar to the Montage, there is no Linux (hence the super fast boot time), the synth "app" runs directly on the hardware. A USB display requires large amounts of data to be transmitted, probably not possible since the main chip is already quite busy running the FM engine.
It's theoritically possible to output some HDMI signal with the hardware but the port isn't exposed and it seems we can't have two screens at the same time.

Did you have some needs for that feature?

What would be possible is to have a computer software containing the EssenceFM UI, receiving commands from the EssenceFM to display the same things (sent through USB, maybe via special MIDI commands). It may be a bit complicated to develop but would work!
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Thanks for the reply! There is a way around it using a webcam, but the resolution isn't as crisp.
I just used a webcam on the video I just uploaded to YouTube, a guitar patch demo.
I was thinking of doing some FM programming videos on the Essence. A crisp display would be nice, but not mandatory.