Screenshots (firmware V3.1)

Performance management
MPE performance auto-setup
Performance part/patch selection
Patch editor
Patch editor (layer settings 1)
Patch editor (layer settings 2)
Patch editor (layer settings 3)
Voice sequencer
Voice sequencer (event settings)
Patch layer (voice) selection
Patch icon selection
Patch category selection
Voice editor
Voice editor (LFO)
Voice editor (filter)
Voice editor (modulation matrix)
Modulation matrix (select source)
Modulation matrix (select destination)
Voice editor (pan envelope, looped)
Voice editor (operator base)
Voice editor (operator volume envelope)
Voice editor (operator mod)
Voice editor (operator pitch envelope)
Performance effects and routing
Effect settings
Performance knob assignments
Patch/voice search feature
Virtual numpad
Virtual alphanumerical keyboard
Global main page
Global MIDI settings (main)
Global MIDI settings (filters)
Global MIDI settings (RTP)
Global MIDI settings (preview)
MIDI hex monitor
Global MIDI settings (CC status monitor)
Global MIDI settings (USB Host detect)
MIDI file player
Waveform editor
Waveform editor (add harmonics)
Waveform editor (mix waveforms)
Category editor
Patch bank organizer
Voice bank organizer
Sorting preferences
General display settings
Appearance settings
USB Save screen
USB Load screen
Memory protection settings
Audio monitor and voice allocation
Audio and FM engine settings
System page
Reset page

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