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Dear subscribers,

First half of december has been a really busy period for us, we listened to your early feedbacks about sound demos and created new ones. Feel free to check them.

We also improved the website so you can now register to create your account, post on the forums and access the shop.

Preorders are open!

EssenceFM front view

About the price

EssenceFM's final price will be around 1400 euro, while our special preorder price is 1290 euro with free shipping in Europe.

It's indeed more than the inital announcement made during the SynthFest in June. The announced maximum price of 1200 euro was a right estimation but we had to improve some aspects of the EssenceFM after we got the users' feedback. The main feature that impacted price is the eight audio outputs instead of two initially planned, requiring a new DAC, more components, and creating technical issues we had to solve. We are sorry about that and hope the price still sounds right to you.

EssenceFM back view

How preorders work

Preordering ensures you get an EssenceFM from the first production lot, at a lower price. Those "First Edition" units show a special message on screen during startup.

First units should ship by the end of February 2020, and spread up to April/May 2020 depending on the production rate. Refunds are possible if the product isn't available 5 months after you placed your order.

The EssenceFM is assembled by hand in our workshop in France and made on a relatively small-scale.

Availability in stores

The EssenceFM is mainly available through our online store.
On march 2020, some physical stores may have a demo unit you can try:

  • Modularsquare in Paris, France
  • Rage Audio in Bilbao, Spain
  • Schneidersladen in Berlin, Germany
  • KMR Audio in London, United Kingdom

The extensive list isn't ready yet, it will be communicated on the website soon.

New feature

Envelope types (linear & exp)

The EssenceFM now let you choose between linear and exponential modes, for any envelope type (volume, pitch, pan, filter).
Having a linear mode helps a lot for evolving pads and filter sweeps, while exponential mode still sounds best for realistic attacks and releases.

Preliminary User Manual available

You may want to take a look at it to get a better understanding of how the EssenceFM works: Link

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We wish you a merry Christmas and nice holidays. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

The Kodamo team


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