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EssenceFM MKII Preorders

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A new EssenceFM production has started!

We gathered all your suggestions to design the MKII version.
It's 100% compatible with the first version and has the same electronics inside, most of the improvements are about the enclosure design:

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The EssenceFM will be late for Christmas, but we offer to pre-order yours at a special price of 1090€ with free worldwide shipping, for an estimated delivery on February 2021. Available in limited quantities.

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Back to the FM Vol.1

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A great sound bank made by Pulsophonic, with 64 patches and voices made for the EssenceFM covering the following styles: Pads, Drones, FX and Basses.
Available for free!

There are almost no limits on how deep you can go in sound design.
The following video shows various sounds using FM, additive, subtractive and wavetable synthesis done on the EssenceFM.

essencefm pic

All videos, sounds and infos you may find about the EssenceFM V1 stay relevant for the EssenceFM MKII. Both synths are identical except for the points listed above.

It keeps improving through firmware updates thanks to the support of all the community.

Other videos

Dark ambient track by CO5MA

essencefm pic

Full review/tutorial in English

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New projects

We want to build innovative synths for everyone.

A new instrument is being developed, it's a pocket-sized synth bringing a totally new synthesis method based on binary masks. It offers real-time waveform manipulation, filters, envelopes, LFO and various modulation options.

It's also polyphonic, multitimbral, with a built-in sequencer and many other features making it ideal for jams and fun sound exploration.

ETA: Q2 2021

keyboard sketch

We're also working on 37 and 61-key keyboards built with the highest quality you can expect: all metal construction, Fatar action with aftertouch, great synthesis capabilites and a special articulation system to make even more expressive sounds.

ETA: Q3 2021

essencefm pic

Stay tuned

The Kodamo Team


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