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October 2021

We hope everyone had a great summer, we're back with some news after moving to a new facility and working hard on many different things.

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New sound banks in progress

The EssenceFM is a bit short on demos and presets. Some users weren't impressed by them, but absolutely loved this synth once they started making their own sounds.
For the Bitmasker and VFM keyboards we'll work with the best sound designers to provide great sounds right from the beginning. As for the EssenceFM, several sound banks will be released to expand the existing library. Two are currently being worked on by Soarer and CO5MA and are expected to be released soon. All sounds respond to various playing techniques and modulations. Here are a few demo samples :

Dusty Filtersweep
House Stab

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Research & development keeps going for new synthesizers!

Mystery UI showing blocks

Stay Tuned!
The Kodamo Team


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