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Dear followers,

We prepared a new firmware bringing some exciting features. We're also working on a second production batch for the EssenceFM, as the current stocks are nearly empty. You can get the last units from our partner retailers, after that there will be a shortage for several months before the new units are available.

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Download firmware V4

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New shimmer effect

Deep reverb with an ethereal, singing sound

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New graphical theme:

Patch page

screenshot essencefm

FM voice edition

screenshot essencefm

Voice sequencer (arpeggiator)

screenshot essencefm

Waveform edition

screenshot essencefm

Sound import

screenshot essencefm

New icon set

screenshot essencefm

You aren't forced to use that new interface,
the old one is still available if you like it better.

Share your EssenceFM sounds

The new packed import/export system allows you to easily share sounds by saving multiple elements into a single archive. Each performance with its associated patches, voices and waveforms can be saved and imported into another EssenceFM.
Furthermore, the forum at kodamo.org now has dedicated sections where you can upload your sound banks and share your tracks.
forum share

Other features in V4:

Bug fixes in V4:

A few words about the company and the future

As you may know, Kodamo is a small French company created one year ago with the crazy project of building super powerful hardware synths. We started with very few resources, took the risk of bringing a totally new product to the market, and you embraced it. We can't thank you enough for your confidence, interest and your encouraging messages. We're more decided than ever to keep improving the EssenceFM and create new cool products!

keyboard sketch Stay tuned for the next news

The Kodamo Team


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