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July 2020, what's up Kodamo?

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V3.1 firmware is available

Thanks to Aphex Twin, Cyril Colom, Les Sondiers, Benoist Guitton and many other users for giving their feedback and suggesting improvements to make the EssenceFM even better.

What's new in this firmware:

MIDI Clock as a Modulation Matrix source

Use it to create tempo-synced envelopes and other cool effects

Lossless rendering to USB drive

Get the best quality for your tracks, there is now an option to record audio as wave files to your USB storage device. You can choose which output to record and the quality (16 or 24 bits).

Advanced microtunings

You can now fine-tune each note, without any limitation. All 128 notes have their independant frequency control by 0.01Hz increments.

Full change list on the firmware page


A new sound bank is being created for the EssenceFM, it will be available for free in a few months.

essencefm youtube prev0

Industrial-Experimental track

essencefm youtube prev3

Live sound design

essencefm youtube prev1

Bells & Percussion

essencefm youtube prev2

Ambient track

essencefm youtube prev4

Check out the EssenceFM playlist for more demos.

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