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New demo

Live sound manipulation - By CO5MA

fanless essencefm

EssenceFM gets TONS of new features

fanless essencefm

We prepared this little surprise after we got the first user impressions and feedbacks.

MIDI file player

You can now play MIDI files from your USB drive, while receiving MIDI from external sources. It allows many uses like playing on a background track, having notes automatically triggered while you're doing sound design, having fun playing music without any external device.

Support for Scala tuning files

You asked it, we implemented it. Scala files are now supported. How to import them

Support for 32-voice DX7 sysex banks over USB

You can now import full DX7 banks and single-voices via USB! This is a basic import that will help you recreating your favourite patches on the EssenceFM. How to import them

FM engine features

Improved USB Host compatibility

Compatibility with USB drives and MIDI controllers is much better now.

Ergonomics improvements

Many bugfixes are also included. See all changes

How do I install this firmware?

Download it here and follow the instructions.

fanless essencefm fanless essencefm
Stay tuned for more exciting news!



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