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V5.0 firmware for the EssenceFM

One of the biggest updates since we released the EssenceFM. This new firmware takes a lot of your requests into consideration. You get an improved USB-Host with hot plug support and better compatibility with all MIDI devices, an improved Shimmer effect, a Latch mode on the Voice Sequencer to allow for sound tweaking and playing while a sequence runs, support for MIDI Tuning Standard, support for USB mice, automatic monophonic/polyphonic aftertouch detection, patch indicators to show which ones respond to aftertouch and modulation wheel, and many other ergonomics improvements.

Detailed feature list and download

some essencefm production pictures

We keep making more units

The EssenceFM may often appear out of stock, that's because we make new batches every few months and this is not a mass-produced synthesizer. Each one is assembled and carefully tested in our workshop in France. The next production will be ready in about 3 weeks from now, at the same price as before despite increased production costs (due to the global pandemic and chip shortage). You can reserve yours at our website.

Bitmasker and VFM keyboards

What about them? They are a bit delayed for many reasons, but we're only talking about a few months. We'll keep you in touch and reveal new pictures and sounds as we get closer to the release!

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