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This meditative track shows sound textures made with the EssenceFM, making heavy use of resonant filters. © Giampiero Occhiato

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The EssenceFM gets an upgrade with a new high-pass filter, 48 user waveforms instead of 24 and many other features to make this synthesizer even more powerful and expressive!

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Detailed feature list

Many user interface improvements

And some bug fixes

essencefm assembly units

Update on production and availability

Production of the new EssenceFM units is going well, but there are air freight issues for the power supplies we ordered. Almost every manufacturer worldwide is affected, we're trying our best to make it as seamless as possible. There may be some additional delays but we're close to the goal.

Pre-orders will be shipped first, as soon as the last parts arrive at our workshop.

We didn't expect such a high demand for the EssenceFM, most of the new units are already pre-ordered and reserved for music stores. If you want to reserve yours knowing there is at least a 1-month delay before delivery, you can reserve yours on the Kodamo online store.

You can also get the last V1 units which are immediately available at Modularsquare and Rage Audio.
V1 units offer the same features as the MKII ones.

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We're glad to announce our partnership with Thomann. More music stores trust Kodamo, leading to more visibility, more users and more resources to improve and design new synthesizers.
Check the full retailer list here: Kodamo Retailer List
Retailers will get stock soon, after pre-orders are shipped.

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