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February News

We're happy to announce that we'll be exhibitors at Superbooth 2020!
Don't miss the opportunity to try the EssenceFM!

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Production progress

As you may already know if you follow our Facebook page, we're having delays in our production due to recent events impacting our electronic components supplier. Most of the other components are ready for assembly, our French and German suppliers who made the front panel and sheet metal chassis did a great work.

EssenceFM font panel 1 EssenceFM font panel zoomed view

Durable anodized aluminium with perfect screen print!

EssenceFM user manuals

User manuals and accessories are ready to be packaged.

We're also switching to a bigger workshop, from 50 to 250 square meters to make the production much easier.

Improved sound design

EssenceFM screenshot showing patch names

There are now more than 400 voices and 150 preset patches in the EssenceFM. They cover a large sound palette, from classic analog timbres to bizarre effects, rhythmic patterns, pads and typical FM sounds. A lot of them will be shown in the official demo video.

First retailer in the USA

Perfect Circuit will be the first retailer outside Europe to have our products in stock. We also ship worldwide on our website, but your local shop won't be more expensive and will allow you to try before buying!

Pre-orders end soon

Pre-orders will end on February 29th. Online shop will re-open after we built and shipped the EssenceFM to all of our early adopters (pre-orders), retailers and reviewers.

Thanks for following us and believing in this incredible project!

The Kodamo Team


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