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Additive waveform generation in waveform editor

Why not add a waveform generator, which generates waveforms based on Additive Synthesis, based on the harmonic series of the possible frequencies which are based on the length of the cycle of the waveform (which is 512 samples)?
What I mean is explained here for the Ableton Operator:

I think the formulas for creating waveforms should be relatively easy, just adding sinewaves of fixed frequencies and rendering 512 Samples of the sum of these sinewaves, maybe using a normalization at the end?

This way it is easier to add even and odd harmonics than by drawing the waveform itself.
Based on the chosen harmonics, the waveform can be rendered, similar to clicking the X^2 button for instance.

And if this works, it would be cool if the waveform can be analyzed in its frequencies to be able to go into the harmonic series with a given waveform. There the phase information etc. may get lost though. But there is undo, isn't it?

I think this would greatly add to the EssenceFM being an FM and Additive type synth, giving it some more additive editing capabilities, and it would not directly have an effect on the sound engine this way.

What do you think?
It's already possible to add harmonics to a waveform by pressing the Harmonic button.
It can be improved since it's only one harmonic at once currently (you need to repeat it for other harmonics)