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Scale envelopes of multiple operators

It could be very useful to be able to scale the envelopes of multiple operators simultaneously.

Typical application – make the overall sound longer/shorter by adjusting once, not 2–6 envelopes.
Sorry for the reply, but editing seems to return an error for me on the forum:

Taken further, it would be nice to scale the envelopes / make changes to parameters of multiple voices in a patch, or even multiple patches in a perf. :) In the vein of Elektron CTRL-ALL functionality.
Yes I remember that feature was already requested by someone. Maybe there could be a "multi select" toggle button at the top of the screen, when it's toggled it then allows you to select several operators and displays a few global editing sliders on the right side (like envelope scaling, frequency scaling, volume scaling).
Do you think that workflow would be OK?
That was pretty much what I had in mind, yes – just the option to do that might be a real timesaver in some scenarios. 👍
I think the easiest way of doing this would be something like the "Time" parameter on Ableton's Operator.