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MIDI controller implementation?

I recently realised how good it would be to have more knobs reaching under EFM's hood...

some sort of direct wiggling via MIDI controller like such, attached, or some of such
would it possible to implement MIDI controllers like say such into the EFM's patch or voice level?

this would blow my mind
This is certainly possible to do. Especially with SysEx or NRPN. I'm not sure with CC, because it may create undesirable behaviors especially if people already use these CC for other purposes with the mod matrix.
Does the device in your picture support NRPN/SysEx?
I have that same knobby controller and it does support NRPNs. That kind of full remote patch parameter control with load and save would enable a lot of technically creative applications. On synths where people have done it the full potential seems never to be reached though. The old DSI synths have a pretty complete parameter interface for example. Someone needs to write a software tool to enable parameter search with audio output capture, for any synth. It would make the most sense as a plugin maybe. Then anything exposed as an NRPN ny any synth would have big creative leverage.
MIDI control of Performance features would certainly be handy. Especially the FX (incl. it’s parameters) and mixing/routing stuff. I’d vote for NRPN’s too. Not so many MIDI controllers support SysEx sending.