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A new Effect that simply passes audio through

I like the effects sends on the Kodamo and the fact that they can be routed to different audio outputs. If there could be an effect type that just passes the audio through to the dedicated audio outputs (or Kodamo's built-in effects had dry/wet parameters), users could use their own external effects units in Performance Mode. If Kodamo updates their effects with dry/wet control, this would allow combinations of internal and external effects (Kodamo's phaser going to an external reverb, etc).

The Mono Mix effect can be used for this, but then you can't send stereo signals to the external effects anymore.
I would like this as well.
On the EssenceFM you already have the "Dry" parameter for each part, which acts like an effect bypass if you set it to 100% with FX1 and FX2 send to 0%.
For a mix of internal and external effects, you part can have 100% only on FX1 then FX1 setup to output to your reverb.
Or I'm not fully understanding your needs ?
I think what they are suggesting is more subtle than simply adjusting the dry nob. As I understand it, they are imagining that, for instance, you might have FX1 go to out 2, and FX2 go to out 3, and put different external effects on each of these outs. Then, you could individually adjust how much of each of the 16 tracks in performance mode is routed to each of these external effects. I do think this would be a really useful feature.
Colin Muir Dorward
This seems like a workaround for the full-blown offering which would be a more comprehensive output control.
I guess what I'm imagining could be called a matrix mixer.
Rather than selecting which (exclusive) output each part is sent to, we would get a level control for each output..... I think this would require another screen!
Hello. Sorry for the late response.

What I mean is simple: a way of bypassing Kodamo effects completely. At the moment, there is no way for using an external effects units as a "send effect" without the sound going through Kodamo's effects, because the effects machines have no Dry/Wet control and hence no bypass function. Or there can simply be an effects type called "pass through" which would route the signal sent to that effect unaltered to the designated FX output.

I hope it's clear now.
Oh I understand now. Thanks for clarifying. It should be in fact very easy to add and will be probably added in the next firmware 👍