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kodamo infini!?!


Is this the VFM?? Something new?? Looking forward to further details!👍👍👍👍👍👍

link to video with further info:

Very interesting! Easily the most intuitive formant control I've ever seen.
Got a spot in yesterday's Pro Synth Network show.
yeah just watched it. tbh, only think a few of the ppl (maybe even one) in the video have actually used an essence. Anyway looking forward to more info & hope they do a module as well.

the pro synth network chat had some fair points made about responsive touch screens. The essence is just as good as my iphone imo, so I'm happy. though more controls could double click to centre or to min/max ranges & (though rarely) some selection architecture is still a two handed task... or at least a jump between a button press and a screen press. Luckily it seems a lot of these ui quirks keep on get ironed out!