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Improvement idea for Drumkit navigation on Seqs

Playing/Recording the EFM with a midi sequencer:
Sometimes finding the right notes in a Drum Patch is a bit hard.

An idea for improvement here:

The bottom row piano keys show the chosen "Layer" colored green. Why not show all assigned "Layers" (notes) from a Drumkit (which would be patches with the tag: 'category'="Drums", certainly) colored yellow?

That way navigating on the midi sequencer makes it more to find the "Layer"-assignments per note and it makes it easier managing the note assignments....
Yes we could use a color to show all assigned notes. Using a specific tag isn't possible since they are totally user-definable, drums aren't handled differently and some users may have changed the names
As I probably see it to the end will be...
Drumkits are a little different than other (Synth)Patches, as usually one drum-sound is going to be attached on one-note only.

My hope was, by maybe telling the OS, if the tag is changed to "drums" it could work differently a little...

Anyhow, thanks for listening
Due to language differences, spelling etc, checking for a specific name isn't reliable.

But we can implement your request for all patches, it can be helpful not only for drums but for any patch using more than 1 layer
Cool. Thanks for youre open ears. Always impressive being a Part of your community!

As you've mentioned language....
What I meint was using
The Pictograms as Tags!
(pictograms showing drums would get shown differently, so)