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Midi in filtering?

Hi there,

I have a slight problem with a controller device that when the volume is set to 0 the Kodamo still sees it as 4 so some sound is passing. (Volume MSB)
Also on the upper end it fluctuates a little about 119-127 when at max.

Is there a way to filter the midi in so 4 is zero and 119 is max volume?

I tried global/midi/main messing with the offset and scaling but it didn't work.
Offset and Scaling are for velocity. If you controller is sending Channel Volume CCs then the EssenceFM cannot modify the values, but you can completely filter out these messages if needed by using the filters (Global > MIDI > Filters)

Would a range filter be considered for a future update? I know there is a midi solutions product that does this sort of thing.
It feels a bit out of the scope of the EssenceFM, the controller should send the right values from the start. Maybe MIDI features will be extended in the future but we want to avoid too much bloating/feature creep.