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Grouping operators for Meta editing.

How about a ui invention to group operators, so you can then edit them all at once?
Some DX editors I used to use have on the Atari used to have .this and its very useful.

Maybe in that empty black space above the operators there could be say 3 group boxes or a list or some other ui.
Have a system to assign one of the 6 ops to any group, then when you select that group all those ops are edited simultaneously.

Some examples:
1.Change attack time [eg1] of all ops, select group1, add all ops to this group, then change eg1, all ops respond.
2.Change fine tune of ops 2,1 and 5. add these to group2, adjust fine tune, only these ops change while group is selected.

Things like this could be achieved very quickly :-

Change waveforms of all carriers, or all modulators or all ops simultaneously.
Change output levels of all modulators or just carriers with one knob.
Add or modify velocity response to many ops
Assign pitch envelopes to many ops
etc, etc, many possibilities for sound design or tweaking existing patches!

Relative mode or absolute would also be great so values either jump or proportionally change to group adjustments.
Could be interesting. Instead of having to create groups, what about two fixed groups: carriers and modulators. That seems to be the most useful case, if that seems reasonable to you we can look at this.
How about just selecting the operators you want to do the same edits to? It should be easy to select and unselect otherwise it may be tedious to use.
How about just selecting the operators you want to do the same edits to? It should be easy to select and unselect otherwise it may be tedious to use.

That's what I'm suggesting.
Carriers or modulators is very useful yes but what about when you want to edit all ops or both of one branch and not the other or if its a 6op additive patch.
Well just one group freely definable would be cool enough if more than one group is too complex for you but why stop there when it can be even better, if you have different groups you could switch back and forth editing without having to re-assign the ops again to a group each time.
E.g Group1 could be ALL operators and Group 2 could be all modulators, switching back and forth, for instance editing say all the attacks while changing all the fine tunings of the modulators etc etc
+1 for this 👍

the v50 has a kind of way of doing this with the quick edit section. it was useful, but something with more flexibility as dx100 suggested is most preferable.

"Voice editing on the V50 is virtually identical to voice editing on the TX81Z and DX11. There is, however, one welcome difference: the Quick Edit function. With this, you can adjust the Attack, Release, Volume (output level for carrier operators), and Brilliance (output level for modulator operators) of all four operators simultaneously. For example, you want to adjust the attack of a patch: press the Quick Edit button once to call up the Attack page (repeated pressing reveals the other three functions) where the display shows the current levels of Attack Rate. By moving the data slider or using the plus and minus keys, the levels of the Attack Rate (actually, Attack Rate and Decay 1 Rate) for all four operators shift in proportion to each other. It's almost as good as ol' analogue programming."
Mount Stupid
I came to the forum to request what the previous poster suggested. I would love a quick way to scale the envelopes across all voices, ideally even across patches in a performance. I tend to use a lot of envelope modulation on other synthesizers, so a quick way to lengthen all attacks, shorten all decays, etc. would be real nice. Especially if mappable to controllers or the mod wheel.
Mount Stupid
Another way to accomplish this might be a way to globally shorten / lengthen all envelope times. I’m fairly new to FM synthesis so maybe that would be less useful than it sounds, but if it could be constrained to just carriers, it seems like it would get me in the ballpark of what I am trying to achieve.
Mount Stupid
And… I just discovered the envelope scale features :). Will play with these, sorry for the noise!