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Coarse & fine tune (RATIOS) option?

Could we please have an option to edit operator frequencies with Coarse and fine tune ratios like 99% of all the other FM synths that have been made, maybe a tickbox option on the BASE TAB to switch between this and the current Multiplier method?

Multiplier & Quartertones is nice but I think multiple options would GREATLY enhance the sounds we can get from the essence.
A small step for Essence but a huge step for FM in the next phase.
i would love this feature please 👍
+1 for this, it would really help!
Colin Muir Dorward
I must say, I'm not in love with the coarse/quartertones/fine system. I think ratios is a great idea, it would be much easier for me to see the relationships.
Good call @DX100. +1
I would like to have that too
I would like this too! Ratio with a fine tune seems like the best of both worlds. As is, tuning the fine tune to different ratios doesn't work the way one would think it would...
I would also like this feature, or at least a more consistent implementation of the ratios. The current system does not display ratios like 3/2 or 2/5 as fractions; it only shows the multiplier value as a fraction, which is unaffected by the quartertone knob. If i have multiplier at 1x and quartertones at 12 then the multiplier display should actually show the ratio 3/2.
Colin Muir Dorward
Could all (all?) the fun ratios just be displayed as we scroll past them? Basically just like how you added have the low subdivision ratios...