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Waveform Slots Capacity

Failed Muso
Is there any possibility of increasing the number of Waveform slots in the EFM? After installing the latest (excellent) Electronica soundbank by Soarer, all 48 slots are now full. I actually had to delete one unused waveform to install the bank.

As more people create new waveforms for their banks, the 48 slot limitation is going to be quite prohibitive.

Thanks in advance! :-)
That would be great yes, and thanks Rob. Mine is almost full too. May I ask how many new waveforms came with my bank?
Failed Muso
Three or four, IIRC?
Same problem with mine... all the slots are already used!
We don't think it's possible to go past 48, that's already double from the initial 24 when the EssenceFM was released.
Usually with FM you don't need a lot of waveforms to create a lot of sound diversity, so we recommend to be careful and try to reuse the existing ones as much as possible.
I agrre with you... but, this is not ONLY an FM synth.

This is far a lot more powerfull machine (Of course I know that you know it! :o) and, with the so powerfull possibilities offered by subctractive synthesis, addittive synthesis, wave-morphing synthesis... it is really easy to fill all the 48 slots!