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Differences between mk1 & mk2

Sorry if this has been covered before but I'd like to shed some light on this topic.
I've been reading on kodamo's website that mk1 & mk2 are 100% compatible and that the differences are mainly from an aesthetic point of view "It's 100% compatible with the first version and has the same electronics inside, most of the improvements are about the enclosure design" -->
There is also a difference in presets & voices:
395 (mk1) against 495 patches (mk2)
521 (mk1) agains 686 voices (mk2) -->
By reading on Perfect Circuit's website they write "... For the MKII version, Kodamo was sure to include some highly-appreciated quality of life improvements from the original. For starters, the overall construction is a bit more robust, making use of higher quality potentiometers and encoders to improve the feel of working with the instrument. The rack ears are now also removable, for a cleaner look when using Essence FM as a desktop instrument, and the output level was boosted for healthier signal levels and improved signal-to-noise ratio. There's also a new firmware update (which is backwards compatible with the Essence FM MKI) that adds a slick new multi-mode filter, and doubles the editable wave memory from 24 to 48 different waveforms" -->

I'm now wondering if the mk2 has a different CPU and would like to know why there is a difference in number of patches and voices.

MK1 and MK2 shares the exact same feature set, CPU and DAC.
MK2 comes with these two banks preinstalled that's why there are more presets:

Improvements on MK2 are:
- Higher output level
- New encoders (less wobbly)
- Removable rack ears
- Built-in tilted support (no feet)
- Thicker front panel